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juanette said,         
December 10 2007

Hi Marianina, nice post! There is another technology I’m following some years ago that works pretty good, packet sniffing. Let me suggest you to read an interview I did to Ivo Rehberger, from Nextwell. They have a nice tool called Clipen that works over Packet Sniffing technology.


Marianina Manning said,         
December 12 2007

Hi Juan

I am using a packet sniffing tool at the moment which captures everything (except for caching and ajax/flash/RIA – although you can tag some form fields within ajax etc – another thing is it will only sniff and catch stuff on your servers – so if you have a google map on your site you wouldn’t be able to see any activity. the good thing about is you can then watch your visitor’s website journey’s like a video, but it isn’t a web analytics product.

but packet sniffing puts alot of demands on your IT department too – if for example you are doing load balancing configuration this can affect your packet sniffing environment too.
There isn’t a perfect webdata capturing solution but as long as we go for trends, segmentation and precision (wrapped up with some actionable insights) we should hopefully be alright :)

Michael said,         
January 16 2008

Hi Marianna,

Great article – I think you have captured almost everything.

Amethon is focused on web analytics for mobile web browsing and the key disadvantage of page tagging is the lack of javascript support in most handsets. This means that page tag solutions have to use a 1×1 pixel which cannot provide referrer and search engine information.

Even if the handset does support javascript, it adds significant ‘weight’ to a mobile web page which impacts on the end user experience and adds to their data charges!

Our Mobile Analytics product family uses packet sniffing for this reason.

Love to give you a more indepth look at the product if you are interested.


Michael Stone

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