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Matt Hopkins said,         
November 7 2007

Hi Marianina,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the WAW this month but this kind of close look at customer behaviour is very interesting. I’m sure it is quite easy for a small site where each page has a specific call to action such as a marketing site. However, like Rightmove, how would you do this level of analysis for such a large dynamic site?

The reason I ask is that I now look after the SEO and Analytics for a price comparison site and there are over 2 milion pages.



Lucie Follett said,         
November 7 2007

Hi M,
I totally agree with you re absolute necessity for qualitative insight: spot on.
As you well know, as an SME owner who is really hands on with wa and seo for her sites, I would love to be able to afford tealeaf…but I would have to sell my grandmother to do so.
I can’t help but think it is ironic that such potentially fantastic tools are in the domain of large corporates who have the $$$, whereas the opportunity to use this falls way beyond the reach of smaller, more nimble – ?less politically ridden ? – entities who would jump at the chance to use it, despite all the potential practical challenges that might be involved.
It is definitely something I would pay for…alas, not at the current price.

Matt: there was a presentation from a guy from hotels.com at emetrics washington using tealeaf. There’s also the argument of cost: you could hardly justify the price on a small site :)

Looking forward to hearing you next Wednesday at WAW, Marianina !


justo said,         
November 9 2007

Hi Marianina:

I beleive you are rigth on the point about WA is mainly improvement on customers experience; and to develop better understanding on their user experience is a key factor.

However, unless you have in off time and money in order to buy this tools and more important to analyze all the data, you have great chances of information miss-using.

I think that using survey tools (many of them are for free) is a great way for achieving customer experience feed-back, and for my point of view more easy to analyse and transformed into usefull insights.

Probably this is because I’m a Sociologist (putting aside discussions about qualitative vs. quantitative methodologies) but for regular web analysts survey tools are more easy to use and understand.

I hope maybe you speak spanish so “saludos cordiales”.

Regards from Argentina.

Marianina Manning said,         
November 9 2007

Hi Matt
On an aggregrage level, you do a search for all sessions where a particular type of good conversion or bad problem (image not loaded, product not found, 404 etc) is found – to see eg the scale of the problem, e.g 567 visits where product was not found and then drill down by replaying individual sessions. A product not found could be occurring on lots of different pages on your site but in tealeaf you would set it up as an event that occurred within a session on the site – so even if you have 5 million pages, you see how many instances when this particular type of problem occured. Does that make sense?
Hope you are well and thanks for your comment,

Hi Lucie
As usual, spot on the money and very much looking forward to seeing you on wednesday.

Hola Justo,
Qualitative/customer experience is a wonderful area beyond it is going beyond trends and aggregrate reporting to really interpreting and understanding what is going on in your head. With a smaller budget, I think that most things about your consumers you could understand from polls, survey, usability testing. But for large companies with the budgets, being to replay exactly what your consumers actually did and saw can be extremely helpful, the reason they didn’t see the form field is because it hadn’t loaded properly – all that kind of stuff, fraud, helping customer services etc.
Muchas gracias for tu commentario!!

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