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October 28 2007

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Luisa Woods said,         
March 4 2008

Hi Marianna,

Reading this post got me to thinking. I have seesawed back and forth between project management for game development companies and internet marketing over the years. People often comment on what a kind of schizophrenic existence I have built, assuming that the skillsets are totally different.

but game development and web analytics are esssentially opposite sides of the same coin….designing resource allocation and simulation games is based on the same kinds of predictive and descriptive models that we use to try and understand user needs and desires based on their interactions with a website.

Anyways, reading your post, I got to thinking that a SCRUM approach to web analytics makes a lot of sense. Data gets old. User patterns get old. Web analyutics needs to be constantly reinventing itself in a tightly-knit formation with the other strategic visionaries of the company. Canned reports will have a greatly diminished role in the web analytics of the future, I predict.

Marianina Manning said,         
March 6 2008

Hi Luisa, Thanks for your thought-provoking comment!

I agree that new ways of looking at web analytics need to be looked at, always. And precanned reports aren’t the future either. I like to reflect business channel owner’s changing business objectives with changing kpis on an actionable dashboard.
By scrum approach I think about a process of continuous improvement which is key to all aspects of marketing effectiveness, data driven strategy and web analytics.


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