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September 28 2007

[...] kevin@lexblog.com (Kevin) wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptThis content ranges from blogs, to social networks, consumer review sites, message boards, and videos. Social networking and connecting with customers is all the buzz, for example yesterday Forrester Research did a webcast on “Know your … [...]

Matt Hopkins said,         
September 28 2007

Hi Marianina,

It’s very interesting to see what TruCast are doing with measuring social media, I wonder how long it will be before this is integrated with standard web analytics tools. Or has Omniture bought it already? :)

Also I think the more popular term is User Generated Content (UGC) although wikipedia appears to have both.



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September 28 2007

[...] wrote an interesting post today on Social media analytics: company brand management on social media sitesHere’s a quick excerpt [...]

Mike Spataro said,         
September 29 2007


Thanks for taking a look at our TruCast product. We couldn’t agree with more about the challenges of data collection and the future of social media engagement. We have developed a robust solution that is very scalable, not only in English but every language worldwide. We believe every company will play a role in the social media community within the next five years.

Marianina Chaplin said,         
September 30 2007

Hi Matt,
Thanks so much for commenting. UGC, CGC – both quite a bit too acronymy for me anyway. WPP group one the world’s largest ad groups are one their funders so that I think that this will be part of online pr strategic advantage for large advertisers (not just an omniture suite).
Hi Mike,
Good to hear from you. I am always interested in trying out different solutions and tools for my clients to see what benefits there could possibly be for them.

Blake Cahill said,         
October 3 2007


Mike beat me to the punch with a comment, but glad to see that you downloaded our data sheets for our thoughts on the space.

VP of Marketing
Visible Technologies

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