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Marianina Chaplin said,         
September 6 2007

Thanks Dean and it was lovely to meet you at Podcamp UK too, even if you did disagree at least 3 times with all eighty things I said (your words not mine).

Anna Farmery said,         
September 7 2007


I enjoyed your presentation and your discussion. I may have sounded negative towards metrics but I am for metrics. My issue is that podcasting seems to being held to different standards, maybe because people podcast and expect to lift sales. For me podcasting is part of your brand awareness strategy – just the same way you wouldn’t expect people to drive home and click on a website because they have seen an advert on a billboard, people won’t necessarily click through from a podcast. However, podcasting is a communication tool that adds value to consumers which will then affect behaviour at the point of purchase. With any medium that awareness is difficult to measure. Loved your presentation, loved the discussion..thanks for a great session!

Kingsley Thomas said,         
September 10 2007

Thanks for a great session and well done. Good to meet you too. I think it was one of the best sessions because of the very heated discussions that came out of it. Cheers, Kingsley

Marianina Chaplin said,         
September 10 2007

Anna, Thanks so much for your comment. And I am really glad that you enjoyed the discussion. Monetisation of podcasts for companies is of huge interest as this is something that is not currently being done by and large, ie effective advertising campaigns running on podcasts, and measurement of sales and/or lead generation activity generated by podcasts. But in essence I do agree with you that podcasting is a means of engaging with ones audience/generating brand awareness/engagement etc. But even if metrics do not correlate exactly back to increase sales/lead generation, in theory a successful engagement will have a halo effect on the business. But that is why I think engagement metrics are so useful in measuring the effectiveness of podcasts and the social media ecosystem in general.
Kingsley, thank for your comment – and really glad you enjoyed the discussion (as did I – even when it did get heated).
Simon, great to meet you too and look forward to catching up on your latest poetry podcasts soon :)

podcast measurement and monetisation--Web Lucie | Web Analytics Consulting and Internet Marketing, London said,         
September 10 2007

[...] Measures of ‘engagement’ These metrics have already been set out very comprehensively by my co-presenter, Marianina Chaplin, a.k.a. Web Analytics Princess, on her blog here [...]

Juan Damia said,         
September 21 2007

Hi Marianina, I was visiting your blog and looks pretty interesting (It was very good the post about tracking subdomains with GA).
Next Saturday (29th) it´s Barcamp Buenos Aires, so if your spanish is ok don´t miss this event (webcast)it gonna be awesome (barcamp.com.ar). See you there ;-)

Marianina Chaplin said,         
September 21 2007

Gracias Juan – thanks Juan (in English). I’ll definitely check it out.

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