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Steven Kage said,         
July 19 2007

Clickstream data is a very interesting area of analytics… Do you know how to improve the interpretation of this area?


Jan Bellamy said,         
July 20 2007

Hi Marianina
good post. on the ground you really need a whole team of engaged analysts/managers to get this kind of a plan done. Where I work, I am the the whole web analytics department – so finding the time to competitor analysis along with everything else is not realistic. 

Lucie F said,         
July 24 2007

Hi Marianina,
Good to see you at WAW..

I’ve been reading AK’s book too and want to try out the 3 question on site free text survey.
Is there any particular survey software you’d recommend (especially for SMEs without a massive budget….)

Marianina Chaplin said,         
July 24 2007

Hi Steven
Clickstream is indeed a very interesting area. Interpretation comes from looking at the data thoroughly ie which areas don’t get clicked on (which should) is a good starting point.

I hear you! There’s never enough time for any of us (I say as I blog at midnight yet again). Simple competitor analysis can be carried out relatively quickly if you have the right tools at your disposal such as hitwise.

Thanks for the comment! There are plenty of free surveys but they come with ads built in so I’d steer clear of those. I’ve used vovici.com in the past which worked well and was easy to install – I believe it costs about £400 for one survey though.

Apologies for not replying to you all earlier.

Web Perspective Surveys « Website Marketing said,         
August 3 2007

[...] However, since we have to start somewhere here is a 5 step web analytics plan that I have developed after working with a number of clients that really helps me to get the perspective I need to really improve their marketing …Improve your marketing effectiveness with a 5 step web analytics plan [...]

The information you need » Improve your marketing effectiveness with a 5 step web analytics plan said,         
September 17 2007

[...] Marianina Chaplin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt [...]

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